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ahh! finish it! great atmosphere here :)

nice production quality overall! Stylistically, perhaps you could use a bit more of a build up than the manipulated crash into the already, very droppy sounding verse. It came a bit early ^^ also, perhaps it's just the build of my headphones, but your distorted vocals stand pretty high in your mix. that's really your choice, though :) I did enjoy the listen. keep up the good work!

etK responds:

Thank you for that usefull review ^^

very nice

An impressive composition

I would advise watching out for ducking in your lower registers. And when I say lower, I mean to say those frequencies of my subwoofer which make the fibrillations of my heart cringe with jealousy ;) It seems like occasionally, the sub gets cut back by a hard kick or another instrument, and it slightly detracts from an otherwise seamless production.

Other than that, nice job!

nice progression

I really enjoyed the way the song eased in to the recognizable melody. The bass intro fit quite well. One thing I would suggest would be to ease in the volume on your lead around 1:36. maybe have it start coming in several measures before, starting out almost silent, and slowly increasing in volume? I think that such 'stealthy' entrances are often really cool :)

good morph of the drum beat - thanks for not making it too cluttered :)

Nice melody overlay at 3:50. I like it a lot from there through the outro

overall, nice job! Well enjoyed and rated 5 and a 9 :D

LightKeeper responds:

Thanks a lot man. :D I've always wanted to do a mix for Christmas so I'm glad it turned out ok. Yeah I figured that it's alright sometimes if the drums are minimal at most. After all this is kind of just like an easy chill song or what not. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the lengthy review.


I was quite convinced I would hate this... and it's absolutely hilarious :)

well done


You have an amazing voice

well done

I like the very start of the song, with the bass transitioning in.

I would have enjoyed louder bass throughout, though especially noticeably in the beginning, when it's just bass and drums. The fade in was good, but perhaps to a louder max volume?

same thing with the synth that comes in at 0:49 - I feel like the drums over power it a bit too much.

I liked the background pad noises around the 1:40 area.

That noise at 2:04 seems rather out of place, the crunchy scratchy one.

DJYossi responds:

Thanks for the review!

1) Gonna louder the bass.
2) Yeah your right, gonna lower the drums a bit.
3) True, gonna remove that sound at 2:04 and put a diff fx sound.

Thanks for the review again! Appreciated :)!


Well done, sir. I was blown away by the musical quality here :) The mix of backing chords and melody is great

mr-vincent responds:

haha Thanks :D


It's a fantastically written and orchestrated piece - I would love to see the manifestation of the plot that inspired it!

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank you. =)

Enjoyed it, nice synth work

It kept me interested all the way through :) The thing I would criticize would be the drum volume - especially kick. It was a bit difficult to hear throughout the song

Euphy responds:

Thanks for the review :)

need custom music for a flash? send me a message :D I'd be more than happy to help out

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